Switch Blogger Profile To Google Plus

blogger-google-plusplusEver Since the launch of Google Plus, Google has been tightly integrating it with other Google Products. Now Google is trying to help the users have a unified Google Profile which can be used across its various products.

If you are using the New Blogger Interface, and you haven't yet switched to Google Plus, then you will be greeted by this message in your Dashboard.

Why should you make a Switch?

1. You can get a unified profile for all the Google Products.

2. Blogger is adding more and more G+ Features and you will automatically get these features

3. This will help you in getting your profile pictures in Google Search(To get the authorship data in Google Search results it’s not mandatory to use your Google Plus Profile)

So Let’s do the switch

You might have seen this message in your Blogger Dashboard prompting you to do the switch.


If you dismissed this message, or if you are unable to find it, then you can follow this link to Get Started. http://www.blogger.com/switch-profile.g

It’s really so easy to make the switch. You just have to follow the on Screen guidance.


Once you click on the Switch now Button, you will make a transition to your Google Plus Account.

Now you can add your Blog’s to your Google Plus Profile. It will be displayed in your Google Plus About Page in the ‘Contributor to’ Section


If you want to display  your Profile information in Google Search results, then you have to add your Blogs to your Google Plus Profile. To know more about getting your Profile information alongside Google Search results, refer the following post

Google Plus Profile information in Google Search Results

Once you are done with this step, you will see a notification in your Dashboard saying that you have made the switch.


Reverting back

If you feel like reverting back to your Blogger Profile, then Go to Blogger Home Page.On the right side you will see a Settings Icon. Click that and you will see an option to Revert back to your Blogger Profile


You will be asked for a confirmation and once you confirm you will be taken back to your Blogger Profile



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  2. Thanks for this. I think I dismissed the message earlier. I'll go look for it now.

  3. i need to revert back my blogger profile but when i go to Blogger Home Page,On the right side for Settings Icon, the "revert to Blogger Profile" didnt show

    pls help me
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