Setting up Blogger Custom Domain on Name.Com

 blogger-custom-domain-name-com If you are not sure what a custom domain is, then first read this article about Blogger Custom Domains and come back . There are different domain name providers like, Godaddy etc. In case you have opted to use as the domain name provider, you can follow this tutorial to map your blogger blog to a domain which you bought from The tutorial will explain how you can buy a new domain on and then point to your Blogger blog. In case you already own a domain name with, then you can map it to one of your Blogger blogs.

How to buy the Domain Name?

Name.Com will allow you to buy domains with different extensions like .COM, .NET, .ORG etc .

1. First of all Goto Name.Com and you will find a Search Box there. This search box can be used to check if the domain name is available or not. For example if i need the domain , then i will search for mynewcustomdomain


2.Name will show the available domain name extensions.Select the one you want.

3.Click the Checkout Button and on the next screen opt to create an account(if you don’t have one. if you have one , then login with that account)


4.Now finish the payment process(using credit card or paypal) and you will be having the domain under your account

How to Setup the Blogger Custom Domain?

1.If you are logged in at your account, then click  the Account > my Domains


2. Now you will be taken to a page listing all your domains. Click on the domain name which you want to use for your blogger blog and then click on DNS Records on the left side menu


3. On the right side pane, add a new CNAME record as shown below and click on the Add Record button


4.Now add an A record as shown below and click on the Add Record button


Create 3 More A records with following set of values

A , (leave the second field blank), ,300
A , (leave the second field blank), ,300
A,  (leave the second field blank) , ,300


6. Now we are done setting up the CNAME and A Records

Adding the Custom domain at

1.Login to your Blogger Dashboard and Navigate to Settings > Basic and click on the Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog link


2.Provide your Custom Domain URL and click the Save Button


When you click save, you might get an error like the one shown below


This means that Blogger wants us to create another CNAME record on to verify that you are the owner of the domain. The values for Host and Answer should match what’s shown on the Blogger error. An example based on the above error is shown below.


Click Finish and Save Changes once again

3. Now Click on the Edit Link Once again


Now select the redirection Option and save the settings Once again


4. Now your blog should be visible at your new domain. The changes can take up to 3 days to take effect (This is because your ISP’s DNS Server has to get the new updated information about the domain records.)

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  1. Very Interesting,
    I can't use Google APPs with 1and1, i think it's no more free (30 days trial)

  2. @Soufiane LeBlogger ,
    Google APPs has a free version without any time limits. thats the one i am using :)

  3. Hello,

    can I setup my domains on Google Apps which or not hosted on Name(dot)com ?

  4. @Anonymous
    i hope your question is "Can i setup Google Apps on a Domain which i bought from some other Registrar (not "

    yea you can setup google apps with any domain registrar. you will have to create the necessary CNAME records by yourself..

    Link to the google APP signup page -

  5. Well, I signed up there, added the required CNAME but I can not add MX Records for mail.

    My domain is attached with blogger.

    And How you managed to get subdomain on your TLD? Someone said me that you can't get subdomain on a domain which has CNAME set.

    waiting for you reply.
    PS: i don't know much abt these stuff.

  6. and sorry for offtopic, Can you tell me how do I make my comments NOFOLLOW after making them Dofollw.

  7. Great post,I registered the domain from but haven't setup google apps.I will surely set it up

    Thanks for the post

  8. @Anonymous ,
    you can surely have a subdomain. you will have to create some CNAME and MX records
    List of CNAME records with values
    CNAME, mail, 1800
    CNAME, calendar, 1800
    CNAME, docs, 1800
    CNAME, start, 1800

    and create MX Records with answers,,,,, and

    We create cnames for subdomains..Here we created a CNAME with mail , because we want google to access the subdomain and MX records are created to hand over the mail handling to google.

  9. Great -- now the next thing you will have to write a tut about is how to utilize FTP , Uploading , and starting a WP account :) did u think this was going to be the end o f this ? :))

  10. Owww it's too much complicated, I just want to try googls apps but I'll leave every thing as it is ....

  11. Nice.

    What happens to your domain when server "" goes offline? That will happen one day, and Google won't be in a hurry to get it online.

  12. so falo portugues!!!!

  13. Appreciate the clear tutorial especially screenshots on setting up custom domain for Blogger. Well done! This will be very helpful to other bloggers.

  14. Hello,

    I did everything you said.

    1) But after activating Google Apps - A record of got automatically deleted and instead of it I can see other 3 records.

    Tried adding it but its not getting in the list. Do you think I will have to edit Google Sites record?

    Thank you!

  15. I got the default domain from the settings since blogger has partnered with go daddy.. i didnt have to go through these dns problems it was all done in 2 minutes. But one sad thing after that was my PR5 blog droppped to PR0 :( even anshuldudeja had switched and he too experienced a drop in PR. any idea Aneesh?

  16. @Cheth Studios,
    the PR update is based on lil old data. you will surely get back the PR on the next update..

  17. @Aneesh,
    but they can give a PR0 to my new .net domain .. but even my old is gone down.

  18. @Cheth Studio
    hmmm you will surely get back the PR for both on the next update..

  19. Thanks for the help, very helpful!

  20. My situation is the same as that for cheth studios, Cheth let me know when you get back your PR..

  21. i want to set dns in my host because of i don't want to only use blog on my site.

    any help? plz email(on my name)

  22. Oh... so we still have to pay for our own domain name? Well... that's sad, I don't have $10. But someday hopefully I can afford to buy. Thanks for sharing! :)

  23. Hi Thank You for your tutorial I was scratching my head all day long on how to configure the domain name. Once again thank you

  24. i am not too interested in google apps
    tried it like 6 month ago, was not so fan of it
    for better service use you will have to pay

  25. I completed all of the steps but when I do the google apps thing it asks me again to create a new cname to verify that I own the domain or to upload an html file. WHat should I do? Wont it mess everything up if I add a new cname? I cant upload an html file or any file since I only purchased the domain no hosting. Thanks. I never used google apps before so i have no clue.

  26. @Lauren,
    they might probably be asking you to create verification CNAMES to verify that you own the domain. Creating them wont mess it up.. BTW, if you are using NAME.COM, you can setup all of these automatically in a few clicks

  27. OK thanks so much. I am going to try it again. Yes I am using Thanks a million for all your help I will let you know if I get it right this time. Hopefully I will. Ty ty ty.

  28. I followed your instructions and my site is working fine with www but i get a page not found if i type without the www. Please help.

    Here is my site

  29. I did a transfer to my custom domain durin the last week of october, but my pagerank still shows 0 =( i used to have 4.

    My old address is and my new one is

    thanks is advance!!

  30. Hi Anessh,your blog is a great resource,specially for blogspot.
    hope you know-blogspot is now providing domain name too with the aid of i have few question-
    1>say my blogsite is , if i get domain name what will hapen then if a surfer still type --
    will it automatically direct to my new domain or or something else.
    thanks a lot

  31. Well written article and easy to follow instructions.
    Clear images, however I would suggest to highlight them so it will be more clear even for non experienced users. 5/5

  32. Thank you very much for this wonderful post with screen shots

  33. @DiLin Anand
    Cheth got back his PR

  34. I did this with GoDaddy, It links to my blog too.

  35. how I can to buy domain and hosting?

  36. thanks dude its really helpfull for me..

  37. Hello Aneesh

    I've done you told but still i can't save my settings in blogger here's the respond after i fill captcha and click save setting: Another blog is already hosted at this address.
    Please help me to solve this.. Thank You

  38. dear brother. i try to get a sub domain from own domain. its not working . in that blogger have some messages
    this is that message -

    The DNS record for your domain is not set up correctly yet. If you just purchased this domain the set up process may take up to a day

    and i did everything correctly, i have my domain in there havnt any blank to fill up 1800. so wjhat i can do please help me

  39. @saisayan - i have sent you the instructions via email.

  40. Hi Aneesh,
    i bought a domain name(yesterday), i sent the google doc about DNS ,cname settings to my registrar & i think they did it as it's redirecting to my blog*spot blog but the origin domain blog (on blog*spot) doesn't change to the new domain name & when i did change the setting :
    Setting>publishing:switch to custom domain >Switch to advanced settings:
    i registered my own domain then saving the setting (it's all right here)
    then when i open a browser and typing the old domain (on blog*spot) it doesn't redirect to the registered custom domain and i get a Blogger page :
    You're about to be redirected
    The blog that used to be here is now at
    Do you wish to be redirected?
    Yes/NO ?
    I clicked on Yes but still appearing same blogger page with same message!
    i read on some help sites that may take 1 days to 3 days ?is that right?and is it my case?

  41. what is your old blogspot url?
    The DNS records are not properly setup. your registrar has just setup a msking. That is not sufficient to set up a Blogger Custom Domain.
    Ask them to remove the mask and ask them to create the following 5 DNS Records 3600 IN A 3600 IN A 3600 IN A 3600 IN A 3600 IN CNAME

    If they can't create DNS records for you, then there is no way for you to switch to Custom Domain(or you will have to buy DNS hosting from somewhere else).Thats why i always suggest to buy domains from good Registrars like or Godaddy or

  42. Hi Annesh!
    Thnx for your quick reply!

    sorry here in my country we can't use godaddy or any registrars from the internet as we don't have developed payment means for them (no visa-master cards , same for paypal)

    my old blogspot url is :

    i will send them the 5 DNS records as you said!

    could you explain me more about this line: 3600 IN CNAME

    And another thing i want to highlight ,is the title of my blog on the new domain isn't shown on the top of browser(just http:/ it should show the title with the favicon so need another setting too?

    Thanks Aneesh

  43. Your blog is not a custom domain now. Your domain is just masking and displaying your blogger blog. Thats why the title is so. and regarding the resource records, they will understand it. Thats the standard 5 tuple format of DNS resource records.

    Refer :

    After they have created these records and they have propogated, you have to switch your blogger blog to that Custom Domain

  44. Hi aneesh, this is akshaycool(helpforum), i just wanted to know that i have published my domain according to the above article via, since my account is paypal based and i have enabled my google apps, so will those default google apps gonna cost me

  45. @Akshay - no the default signup on will provide you the free version of Google APPs and so it wont cost anything

  46. Aneesh,

    This tutorial really helped me :) Thank you very much. See my URL:

    But, it redirects to the Google site. Why? It is not redirecting to my blog. It's really hurts :( Please help!

  47. I have deleted my Google Apps permanently. But, when I open my blog, it say: Forbidden
    Error 403

    What to do?? Why my blog is not showing? Please help...See my URL your self:

  48. Is it important to install Goolge Apps after we have got new domain?

  49. @Anup - If automatically done on Name, Google Sites will take up the primary domain and so when you switch you might get the "Anothe blog is hosted" message. Swicth your blogger blog to custom domain from Settings > Publishing.

  50. How to renew or decrease the expire date on I want to increase the year I want to get my domain more that 3 years...

  51. @Anup - see the image in step 3. Check that checkbox and go to your can increase the number of years on the cart page.

  52. I have taken my custom domain two days ago. But, now action is taking...It still show page error :( any idea, Aneesh?

  53. Forget to say:

    My old blog URL is:
    And newer one is:

    No new action :(

  54. @Anup -
    Switch back to Blogspot Publishing and Revert to custom domain once again from Settings > Publishing.
    Also create the 4 A records as mentioned in the Tuto

  55. OH! No I lost all of my comments, when I changed it to to do????? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Awww...Thank god. Listen to me Aneesh, when I changed it again to I lost all the comments. But, when I try again try to get on custom domain, comments are visible only on Edit Post tab. But, my page are not working. What to do?

  57. Thanks..Thanks...Thanks...Aneesh. I'm so worried about it. And finally solved it ;) Thanks for your tutorial. It was very worng work by me :) Sorry for FAQ. I am too happy. Aneesh, take a look my cute domain now:

    Thanks in advanced :) And don't for get to congrats me :) Just kidding ;)

    Already done!

  58. @Anup - he he.. good work :)
    i have seen the comment prob on many other blogs too and it mostly gets solved automatically like what happened to your blog now..

  59. Yeah! You're right Aneesh! And best of luck for your future blogging ;)

  60. Aneesh,

    My blog is not redirecting from to what to do? I have checked my redirection option, again it's not working. Why?

  61. Aneesh,

    Nice tutorial man, i recently brought new domain name. Thanks for the tutorial man.

  62. Fabulous!! Thank you soooooooo much!

  63. Hi, you blog is good. Thanks for the information. I have a peculiar problem. I am trying to map only as sub domain to my blog. For example to
    I added CNAME,,
    and A, blog,
    and other 3 A records.
    when I try the url it works perfectly fine. But when I try I am getting 404 error.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  64. There is no need to create additional A Records to map subdomains. You just need to create 2 CNAME Records per subdomain. There is a Redirection option in Settings > Publishing . Check that and Save the Settings. will get redirected to

    There is a Tutorial here which about creating Subdomains -

  65. Hi Aneesh,

    Very good article. If I have any doubt, I will back ;)

    Here is my blog :

  66. Very good and informative tutorial. If i had found it before i'd not have wasted 2 days to set up a custom domain. Many thanks indeed.

    My friend bought us all domain names for chirstmas last year - as a bit of fun.. just recently i started blogging, and thought why not use my domain - i have spent the last week trying to speak to people, to find the correct answers.. What the hell are DNS ANAMES CNAMES and wouldnt direct me because i didnt buy the domain. Thanks for all your help. Your a life saver - I can tell you, My lap top was hanging out the window a few times ready to drop!!

  68. is it neccessary to install goolge Apps after we have got new domain ?//////

  69. i have done all the above steps that u said . after all these ,what is the screen will appear on my site (
    i did right job or not ???

  70. @tarun - its not necessary.
    @nurat - you eneabled the Google Apps before setting up blogger on that domain. So Now the google sites page is displayed on your domain root. To get rid of this. Goto your Google Apps Dashboard and disable Google Sites. Then do the Custom Domain Settings(Blogger >Publishing) and you should see your blog at the domain root.

  71. i have deleted google apps as u said but my site show forbidden 403 error ... why ??
    please reply as soon as possible ..

  72. thanqq Aneesh ..
    everyhing was fine
    but can't redirecting to ... what could be the reason ??
    help meeeeeee

  73. yeah its working fyn ...
    thanks for this great tutorial ....

  74. Hi,

    I will appreciate if somebody can help me. I have bought a domain in, and I'm trying to do the following configuration:
    - set up as my URL instead of
    - use a subdomain to forward to my fans page in facebook.

    Is it possible to do it with I have done the following setup but it doesn't work the forwarding to facebook:
    a 1800
    (the same a definition for,,
    cname 1800
    cname 300

    Thanks in advance!!!

  75. i buy a domain with big rock

    i am unable to set up custom domain to my blogger

  76. thank you very much, i just managed to acces my blog an the domain i just bought, very nice tutorial, good job.

  77. is it necessary to enable Google Apps?

  78. 1&1 seems to fail missarably at this. setup is not telling me what i want. ;x ----> gooogle.

  79. thank you for the post but for most why some of us the procedure is not working because before you set A or Cname records in A domain name must use their NS1.NAME.COM, NS2.NAME.COM, NS3.NAME.COM, and NS4.NAME.COM nameservers in order for DNS Management to function.

  80. really who ever u are i really remember u for the rest of my life because u helped me completely with this tutorial

    thank u very very........................................


  81. yes i got this but not complily... my wesite is . i want my every page in google site shown as it is in my website like us. i change cname setting 8045592 Active ... but after it my every page come under us. but its come under only so for this i delet Active from A records. and i add in cname 8039482 Active ... but after its not work... the problem is at is... plzzzzzzzzzzz help....

  82. Pretty much good information, But i think, i need your help!!!
    I had set my domain as you said and its working fine with blogger, now what i want is, When i tried to activate "Google Apps" in NAME.COM it gives a MSG like this "In order to continue setting up Google Apps for your domain we must modify the current DNS records. If the domain is currently using any of our services such as URL forwarding, these services will no longer continue to function." and it says that it must remove the "type A" records to activate the "Google Apps".
    Now my question is, If i removed the "type A" records will my domain work blogger???
    Is there any other way to Set up Blogger Custom Domain on Name.Com

    pls rep soon.

  83. first of all thanks for your quick reply Aneesh. What you are saying is, even if i activate Google Apps my domain will work normally i.e redirection from the non www domain to the www domain.

  84. Very useful Aneesh! I have followed these instructions as you told. But I am having a different problem, My domain name is "". For this domain name I have followed everything as you told. But I cant view my blog page. It redirects to google apps page. But I want to view my blog as in this domain name. Please visit "". You can get me what problem i got. Please give me a solution. Thank you!

  85. this is very usefull content thank you so much

  86. Hey, I don't think I ever came back to tell you that thanks to this wonderful tutorial, I was able to set up my custom blogger domains and Thank you so very much! I have referred to this tutorial many times.

    <3 Lauren

  87. @Lauren - Thanks for the kind words. you got some truly amazing blogs :)

    @Jayaseelan - Disable Google Sites from Google Apps. Publish your blog back to your blogspot domain from the publishing settings. Now publish it back to the custom domain and it should start working :)

  88. Been looking to fix this part of my site for a while, thanks for the post, totally worked.

  89. HI Aneesh, I want good templates for my blogspot site can you suggest me and also let me know how i can add different tabs on header like HOME(already there),ABOUT,CONTACT ME,Ask Questions...So visiter can click on it and will be directed to desired option.

  90. thanx you so much im very happy now
    i used this tuto for setting up my blog

  91. Thanks a ton! That was swift! You Rock!

  92. Thanks for this great information, now my blog sound professional it is because it is now at dot com domain name not in dot blogspot, thanks for this, because of this post, i did the customizing my blog on, i really appreciate your effort in writing this article, please keep on blogging and we'll wait for your next blog updates, hopefully your next article is more about SEO and make money online blogging.

  93. Useful tutorial. It help me a lot. Thanks

  94. Thank u for the information! now my blog working fine!

  95. It Very Nice and Helpful :)

    Thanks For Sharing

  96. thank you sir for the information

  97. hi how do i mange my new domain from blogspot, so i can post on wordpress and it appears on my new address


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