Some Friend Connect Gadgets that you might not know

Most of you might be aware of the Google Followers gadget.Its just one of the different friend connect gadgets.

Where Can i get a Friend Connect Gadget?

1. Go to Google Friend Connect and on the left pane you will see a list of your blogs.If you don’t find it, then add your site there.

2.Click on your Blog Name from the Left Pane and Click on the button which says “Browse the gadgets gallery” .

3.Now you can see a list of gadgets.You can customize the colours and the Generate the Code.

4.Copy this Code . Now in your blogger layout page(of the same blog), add a new HTML/JavaScript Gadget and paste this code there and save.

5.Now you should have that gadget running on your blog.

Here is a list of some of the Popular Gadgets[Some of  them which can be demoed here :)]

1.Members Gadget – This is the same thing as what you see in a normal Followers Blogger Gadget

2.Cloud Gadget

Shows your followers as an animated Cloud

3.Sign in Gadget – This is also a followers gadget with a sign button like style

4.Interests poll Gadget - Ask your visitors questions relevant to your site via a poll that adds to their profile.You can see a sample of this Gadget on my Sidebar.

5.Newsletter subscription - Help members sign up for your newsletter by providing their email address if they haven't yet specified can read more about this gadget at Creating a newsletter for your blog.

There are so many other friend connect gadgets like Recommendation Gadget, Comments Gadget, Ratings and Reviews Gadget and Lots More.The Recommendation gadget can be used as a popular posts you guys better check out the big list of friend connect gadgets, available for you. And one most important thing. Don't forget to follow me using any of the Friend connect preview gadgets listed here ;)

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  1. The cloud Gadget is very interesting and i think many people will adopte it (looks very similar to Cumulus)

  2. wow thanks for sharing
    the cloud one is really cool but it's kind of hard to use if you are looking for a particular one, so i think i will just stick to the traditional list kind

  3. How do you get sign into (sites name) friend connect button? Can you change the letters on the button like this blog:

  4. @David Bergeron ,
    sorry i don't know how to change that.. i think that option might have beed there on the friend connect page earlier, and they might have removed it now.. :)

  5. thank u brother i like cloud gadget, nice blog and cool please visit back my blog. smiles from indonesia

  6. Thanks bro you do a lot for blogger mostof info availble in web are for wordpress but this is your great effort for blogsport blog thanks for your help.

  7. Great collection here buddy :)) I never knew it was YOU behind this site - heeehee, now I know :))

  8. Great thankx for sharing i willl use it

  9. @David Bergeron -
    On the Google Friend Connect Dashboard you might see a link under your site name for settings. The change is made there by going to the advanced tab and editing the 'Sign in prompt'.
    I believe that sites set up through Blogger do not see a settings option. You can force navigation to this page by going to I hear that Google might reset the fields in there every night, but it is worth a shot. Let me know if that helps or not and if you have any other questions leave a comment on my wall @

  10. did'nt know wat to say ur doing awesome work helpin out the newbies
    Heres one more-Add tweetboard to your blogspot blog hey BTW y don't u change ur favicon?

  11. Does anybody know how to add the gadget to have other related posts below so that readers can go straight to those?

  12. hi all can any one tell me that how to add friend connect on navbar

  13. this gadget is very fantastic four..i'm veri interesting..thaks for all helpened

  14. What I'd really like is something very simple, that shows ONLY the icons of the followers with none of the text or follow buttons (other than whatever title I choose to give the gadget). I'm sure there's a way to do it, but I've got to find the darned code to paste into the box...

  15. Thanks google gadget...
    you have give something that very goood..

  16. How can I have a friend connect widget like yours (so fast loading?

  17. @maiaT - i am using the default Followers Gadget provided on Blogger Add Gadget Page.

  18. In this case it is just my imagination or the connection.
    When I navigate between the members' pages, it seams to me that the pictures load faster than on other sites.

  19. can you add its a free customizable polling widget that delivers real time results

  20. Thank you. This was really helpful.

  21. a good work thx

  22. I can't put any of these friend connect gagets on my site.. so frustrated. I keep generating the code but it does not show on my site. Is it because I have a private Domaain.
    I have missed so many people joining my site. Please help...I dont mind giving my password for someone to sort me out.
    Domain is
    Please everyone join my site when it is done and i will join urs

  23. It shows by me just google's icon and the word 'Follow' without site title not like by your Blog in blue 'Follow Blogger Plugins'

    How can I change it that it shows up 'Follow My Site Name'?

    I use the Gadget from Blogger also tested the Gadgets in Frienconnect site all the same result.

    Please have a look:

  24. My friend connect gadget doesnt work.
    Could anyone help me?

  25. Hey, Thanks for info. But I NEED HELP... I just wanna have '3. Sign in Gadget' as seen here for my blog... I can't find code from anywhere....

    Thank you :-)

  26. I tried 'Google Friend Connect'but they got no blue color buttons or gadgets... Can you help me on getting Member & Sign in gadgets showing in this page?

  27. very good,very good,very good post


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