Merge Multiple RSS Feeds Into One Using Google Reader / Yahoo Pipes + Feed Burner

One of the major questions of the bloggers is that can they mix up feeds from different sources or blogs..So i thought of writing about can do it in two ways via yahoo Pipes or the Google reader..I am explaining both methods here..

Google Reader...

2)Add the blogs or sites whose rss feeds you want to merge.
3)Now goto Settings>Subscriptions and add the feeds that you want to merge, to the same folder(Set the folder name as the name of the feed you want at the end..)
4)Now goto Settings>Tags
5)You will see a new tag whose name is your folder name
6)Make it public by clicking the image next to it..
7)Now click view public page right to your folder name
8)On the right of that page you will see a a feed that you can subscribe to..
9)Copy that feed url Its your mixed rss feed url
10)Now Burn this feed Url using feedburner and you will get the mixed up feed..

Yahoo Pipes
You can do the same via yahoo pipes also
2)Choose Create a Pipe
3)Now click on the + to the right of Fetch feed from the left pane
3)Add all the Feed urls you want in the fetch feed box..
4)To add more feed urls you can use the + in that box.
5)When you have finished adding all the feeds you want just click and drag your mouse from the small circle at the bottom of the Fetch feed box to the small circle at the top of the Pipe Output Box
6)Now choose save from the right top corner and save it under the feed name you want..
7)Now choose Run Pipe
8)From the More Options choose Get as Rss and copy the link of the new rss feed..
9)Now burn this Feed using Feed Burner..


  1. Nice, useful yet to start using Y! pipes...will do so soon

    Hv included a link to your post @ my blog aweBsome - all that's awesome on the weB

  2. Thanks for the Google Reader tip! Works great :)

  3. Cool, so if I make different label feeds, will my feed counter show the combined total readers?

  4. thank you. This is just what I wanted.

  5. 3 years later... Thank you very much :grin:

  6. Excellent - been looking for this for a long while ...


  7. It no longer seems to work in the new Google Reader :(


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