Opera Widgets on your blog or site..

I was always fascinated by the sleek browser opera.I really like its looks.Today i found something interesting.Opera Widgets for blogs.This creates an opera widgets for your blog feed to which other opera users can subscribe(They can download your blog feed widget).I too have created an opera widget of my blog here.See the Preview.

Opera Widget for your Blog

To add my widget use the button below


So if you wish to stay up to date with my blog then you can download it..This is only for Opera users...

If you are a blogger and is interested in making a similar widget on your site visit opera widgets site at http://widgets.opera.com/widgetize/start

Publish your widget and have fun..
The only problem that i find with opera widgets is that it opens in a new window and shows itself in the task bar..But still its looks are great and therefore is much appreciated..Hope that the opera team will add more features so that they can match up with the Firefox Extensions.