I know that a newbie blogger will find it difficult to find out good templates..I too had the same problem some time back.So i started this post.My aim is to help you with every aspect of blogspot blogging.If you have any doubts or comments you can always contact me via comments here.Here i am giving a list of some sites which provide free blogspot templates.The list will be updated every time i find some new template site..So keep watching.. Sites For getting Beta Blogger Templates.

  • Blogger Templates
  • Beautiful Beta
  • BlogSpot Templates
  • Blogger Templates Blog
  • Web Talks
  • Final Sense
  • Blogger Buster
  • Theme Lib
  • Jackbook
  • Blogger Themes
  • B themes
  • Free Themes
  • Blogger Talk
  • Themes for blogger
  • Themes 110
  • Lasval Blogger Templates
  • Eblog Templates - New

  • Themes Converted from Wordpress New
  • BTemplates -New

  • Deluxe TemplatesNew
  • Dante AraujoNew

  • These are the few that i remember will add more soon..
    If you have any just leave me a comment and i will post it here and i will add it to the list so that it may help other bloggers around


    1. @Amanda Thanks dear..
      looking into more comments and suggestions from you..

    2. blog design really good. I would like to know how did you placed adsense below Google search.

      Hi, amanda. You can find more blogspot templates.

    3. thanks Milan i have added that url to the list of free templates.. by the way you can add that adsense unit by placing the adsense search code and then the adsense ad code somwhere below
      <a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>

      or below the description

      You will have to parse the codes properly using this parser

    4. Templates are nice but some takes away the Variable definitions features which so I do prefer to use. Some you listed aren't for the New Blogger rather for the classic.

      It's hard to find templates sites but it's even harder to find templates sites that are well designed and well organized.

      The two below are really nice and organized well and highly recommend and they're free. The third one's kind of okay.

      bt templates


      Blogger Templates

    5. thanks lissa.. i will soon try to categorize them based on and order them by relevance..

    6. Hi,

      Is it possible to host a blogger blog on your own server and update the template with a denim template like the one you have? Also, I can't seem to use widgets after I moved my blog from blogspot. Are there plug-ins one can add outside blog spot to enable one make use of widgets?


    7. Use Photobucket pro for ur blog templates hosting...

    8. great templates , excellent work


    9. Can you tell me how to create the footer2, footer3, footer4 you have below, which shows your "About Me", "Followers", "Label Cloud" and so on?
      I want to have a similar 3 column footer like yours, though i tried creating div#footer3 and so on, it fail to read css setting. Pls see my problem at http://finding-life-direction-life-purpose.blogspot.com/

    10. find this in your blogger template (without expanding widget templates)
      <b:section class='footer' id='footer'/>
      and replace it with


    11. I have some layouts at my place if anyone interested please just drop by to snag some freebies. Thanks

    12. i love your site! thank you for all the helpful tips and great widgets!

    13. Very nice blog! By sharing what you have you will be going to be successful! More power!

    14. Awesome! I! like this! Thanks for sharing! More power!

    15. hey Aneesh i love the bthemes obama talking theme. but when i extract the code with winzip it doesn't work. when i open it the iexplorer it appear the blank page. i don't know how to fix it can u help me? thx i love this theme so much

    16. @Gutten Morgen- open the theme in notepad and not in Internet Explorer. Or you can directly add/Upload the Theme XML file at Design > Edit HTML

    17. where is allblogtools.com, it's the best one yet, you can find the exact template you want by browsing it's good organized categories.

    18. I am very thank full to share this ....

    19. Hello, But should update many links given above, which are not not working or have old stuffs.

    20. in the design section where this caption came;Rearrange your gadgets by dragging them to dotted sections in the preview below. neither dotted line visible nor dragging possible no single thing get selected
      please help what to do my site is http://rachanasustainable.blogspot.in/2013/06/health-n-food.html