Keep an eye on your blogs Adsense Income

How many of you use the adsense widgets from blogger?? Most of the bloggers create therir own custom ad units and paste the html code in the blogger template or add it as an HTML template.All of you guys know that you can also add adsense from blogger.

Now here is the important part..
When you create custom adsense units at Adsense you tend to create channels and you make make so many channels and finally get confused with them..

Consider that there are different chanelled adsense ads on your blog. You can still know the total income that your blog generated(Sum of al the ad units on your blog).
This is how we do it..

Goto your Blogs DashBoard and choose the Monetize tab.

You will see something like this if you are there for the first time.

Now Choose for Customize Ads and you will be taken to a new page. If you are using custom adsense code generated from the adsense site then opt the last option in this new page as shown in this screen shot.

Click Next an you are done. If you haven't yet added your adsense account to blogger you will be prompted to add an adsense account.From now own Blogger will be generating adsense reports for you.It will show you the total income generated by your blog from all the ad units you used on your blog.(it will take time for adsense reports to be shown.)

Also your blog as a whole will be displayed as a channel on reports at the Adsense Site. This helps you to keep track of your adsense revenue from you blogger dashboard.


  1. it has never been easy for me to use adsense

  2. Thanks right, i can't get the content from google adsense in my blog. couse google adsense can make adnsense for content from my country.

  3. @Thesoul i didn't understand wht you told. can you explain?

  4. yah sorry, i come indonesia, but my englihs not perfect.

  5. काश, ये हिंदी के लिए भी होता।

    -Zakir Ali ‘Rajnish’
    { Secretary-TSALIIM & SBAI }

  6. It's such an easy thing to keep an eye on your adsense incomes ... I can't understand why this post is wrtten... Is there anyone who blogs for a specific time and uses Adsense and still doesn't understand it ?! So s/he is no considered to be a blogger. I really can't get it ! I'm from Bulgaria and Adsense isn't very popular, however I found a way to deal with the language barrier and the shortage of information about it ... you should do the same guys ! It's pretty easy in fact ! :)

  7. @Вал Гетова most of the bloggers tend to keep track of their earnings form their adsense account.. but it can be easily kept track from the blogger dashboard itself.. This is not something new for guys who use just the blogger adsense ads.. But most of the bloggers do use custom adsense generated code and paste them in their template or widgets..In that case they might not know this.. thats y i posted about this.. :)

  8. I LIKE UR BLOG!!!

  9. Its another way of keep tracking my adsense income on all about Auto Zone, thanks for the info.

  10. As always an excellent posting.The
    way you write is awesome.Thanks. Adding more information will be more useful.


  11. I want to add different lables under different pages But How?

  12. Why my account does not appoved.
    My Google Adsense show
    "Your AdSense account has been disapproved"

  13. I installed a custom adsense code under the title of the article with tricks parse, if this does not violate the TOS?, and 3 others using the blogger via adsense Monetize tab. But, two days later adsense via Monetize tab no longer appear on my blog, would you give me a solution? this is my blog URL . By the way, I like your blog, Thank's.

  14. adsense has`nt accepted my account , i dont know because of what reason.......some say that they have got this policy of initially observing asian blogs for a period of atleast 6 months....afterwhich only they`ll probably do something......hmmm...but anywayz was a pleasure visiting ur blog....good construction and stopby at my blog whenever u get

    1. i am also having a blog and i want to tell you that i have heard that if u want to join google adsense from india before 6 months so then u have to remove .blogspot from domain, i dont know that they are wrong or right, same thing happened to me but next month i will send the request to them again hope they will approve !@!