Comment Spam Filtering and Comment Inbox in Blogger

blogger-comment-inbox Many of you might have noticed that Blogger has made some Cool Improvements to its Commenting System. Blogger has introduced an improved Spam Filter and a Comment Inbox. Most of you must have noticed the new “Comment” tab in your Dashboard (This may not be present on all blogs. Blogger is in the process of rolling out this feature to all users)

Comment Inbox

Blogger has introduced the “Comment Inbox” where you can view all the Comments published on your blog.The Comment Inbox has Sub tabs namely Published , Awaiting Moderation and Spam


Comment Spam Filtering

Most web forms are targeted my spammers and bots. Most Blogging Platforms have their own ways of keeping the bots and spammers away. Wordpress uses Akismet for this process.Blogger has its own filtering mechanism to keep the odd ones  out. Now Blogger improved its spam fighting mechanisms by integrating  Google’s Spam Filtering Technologies into Blogger. Blogger will automatically detect Spam comments and move them to Spam in your Comment Inbox. The comments in the Spam Inbox are not visible in your blog. You can mark Comments as Spam and move them to the Spam Inbox.You can also mark comments as Not Spam that have been incorrectly classified  or marked as spam and the comment will be immediately published on to your blog.image

What do you think of the new additions?


  1. Most people won't see this new feature, you might activate it first.

    Check my article (especially the vidéo) : Comment activer le Nouveau système de gestion des commentaires Blogger

  2. Thank u to let it know

  3. Do you know how to rate any comment in blogger, Or giving thumb on comment... see here at
    you can only refer the link, please do not copy that post. please please, i am the owner of

  4. @Yash - js kit ratings is a nice way of implementing star ratings or thumbs up widgets on blogger like platforms.Though Echo has officially announced that they are discontinuing Polls and ratings, they are still available and are used on many gallery blogger templates. your method is a nice way of implementing the rating on each comment using the path parameter. However there is an extra space in the code [js-kit- rating] ;).

  5. Thanks bro i check it. its 100% working

  6. Very nice feature of blogger! Aneesh, Can you tell me how do you add the image only on homepage of your blog? I can see the image (thumbnails) on each post in your homepage. But, when I enter in your post, the image doesn't display...

    Can you explain me this tricks please? I am waiting for your reply...

  7. That was a nice addition from blogger! :)

  8. Is it possible to add a dofollow pluggin to Blogger?

  9. "Is it possible to add a dofollow pluggin to Blogger?"

    Indeed......hoping this exists somewhere.


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