Have you ever felt that the blogger comment form (even the embedded inline one) doesn’t look pretty.Don’t worry you can convert the default comment form of blogger to an stylish commenting system which enables threaded comments and author images.Here i am listing some of the most popular commenting alternatives,.

These are the three famous commenting systems!


1. Intense Debate

intensedebate- To give you a better demo,i am using the intense debate commenting system on this post.This is now owned by  Automattic, the makers of Wordpress.This is my personal favorite and i am now confused whether i should switch to this or if i should use the default blogger commenting system.




disqus This is another Commenting system – It is the same thing that Mashable.com uses for its comments.


disqus-commenting system

3.JS-Kit (Echo)

js-kit  This is also another JavaScript based commenting system.Echo offers both free and paid packages!The free package comes with threaded comments and an interface where the commenter can add videos,images,similes, etc.The commenter can also format his comments using a simple WYSIWYG comment editor.


js-kit-commenting system

When you try to go for any of these commenting systems,make sure that you backup your template and keep a copy,so that you can revert back if it didn’t work out well.

These are the three most popular commenting systems.They come with threaded commenting with Gravatar based profile images,which can make you commenting system look more professional.I personally prefer Intense Debate over the others.

So if you want to remove the default blogger commenting system and get a better commenting interface,then you can opt for any of these commenting systems.

Note: These comment forms come with an option to show the comment form on new posts only(means posts with 0 blogger comments)!That means your old comments will stay intact and will use the old blogger comment form.(This is optional.. you can also revert all posts to use the new commenting system.But in that case, you cant display the existing comments easily..)