Blogger,as a part of its 10th Birthday celebrations, has now released a new version of the label gadget.This one is much better that the old version

What is new?

  1. It comes with a Label Cloud.
  2. It lets you choose which labels are to be displayed.
  3. You can customize it further using CSS.

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Related Posts with Thumbnails for Blogger

related posts with thumbnails for blogger

Displaying the links to related posts along with a thumbnail of the corresponding post will help you increase the page views/user .Users will be tempted to go for the related posts when they are presented attractively with thumbnails.

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Update: Twitter has now Released its own Retweet Buttons - So check it out at  Official Tweet Button from Twitter With Counter

How to add retweet button to Blogger ?

Twitter is getting more and more famous and so is retweet  Most of you might be knowing of both of this.Still i will give a brief into on both :P
Twitter – Twitter is  a free social networking site that enables users to send short notices of 140 characters. :P
Retweet – This one enables to repost some interesting tweets on twitter.The retweet button can act more like a tweet counter
Adding a retweet button will show a neat count of how many times,your post has been tweeted about,and will also allow your readers to retweet it

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Have you ever felt that the blogger comment form (even the embedded inline one) doesn’t look pretty.Don’t worry you can convert the default comment form of blogger to an stylish commenting system which enables threaded comments and author images.Here i am listing some of the most popular commenting alternatives,.

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If my guesses are correct,blogger will soon come up with post summaries(+ read more link) and static pages.

Some of you might have noticed the changes to your blogger templates.I have seen some new codes which give me the feeling that something better is coming!

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Link to me widget for blogger

This is a nice little widget which can find its place in your blog’s sidebar.You might want to let your readers link back to you in an easy way.We will now make a new Link To Me Widget which will display the code needed for a reader to link back to your blog.We will also provide a Add link using Blogger Button.

This button will work like a widget installer,which makes it easier for your readers to add your link.They can link back to you easily by adding your link to me widget.

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Making the Sidebar and the Post Area to be of Same Height

Some of the simple blogger templates use CSS to set the background color of the sidebar and the main post part.In this case,the heights of these two columns can be different making it look a little awkward.In many cases you may want to make both of these columns of the same height.

If you didn't understand what i am talking of,then i will show you some demos.

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What is Feedburner?

Feedburner is a service(now owned by google) which helps you in publishing your feeds in a better way.It helps you analyze your feeds,keep track of your visitors,know the number of feed subscribers etc.

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Related Posts Widget for Blogger v1

The related posts widget will show a new related posts section below your post.The related posts widget fetches the related posts from those posts having the same label as the current post.

To implement the related posts widget you will have to follow 2 simple replacement steps.

1.Login to your blogger account and get into your Dashboard

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Light box is a really elegant image viewer addon using javascript and the prototype framework. First of all i would like to give the credits to the original maker of Light box,Lokesh Dhakar

I have also added some demos of Lightbox to this page.So if you are not sure,what lightbox is,then take a look at the two demos in this Post.This will really help you in building a well styled gallery like blog.

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This trick helps you to number each of your comments under a particular post..Thanks to Fernando of Quite Random for this awesome trick.You can read his original tutorial at Quite Random

I have tried to make it easier for you.. You can implement the trick in 3 simple replacement steps..(and a little SEO is added onto this hack.)

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