Using Windows Live Writer for Blogger

Blogger Supports XML-RPC Protocol which enables 3rd part Clients to make posts on Blogger.One of the Best Blogging Clients is Windows Live Writer.It comes for free.They just need you to have a windows live id(Sign up for one if you don’t have any)

Download Windows Live Writer

What is Windows Live Writer?

Its a Software which lets you to make posts to your blog from your desktop.This Software has a very simple and easy to use post editor with live preview and a bunch of very useful features


1.Easy Upload of Images with Effects Watermarks and Borders

livewriter Live Writer Allows you to easily add pictures.In addition to that you can also add watermarks,effects, and special borders to your pictures.See this pic.I have added some watermarking and black and white effect to this photo.I have also added some special border effects

2.Easy Upload of Videos.

Live Writer allows you to easily upload your videos.You can post your video files to youtube and soapbox from this software and publish it on your blog.In addition you can also embed existing youtube videos onto your blog posts

3.Offline Editing is possible Windows live writer helps you to make posts offline and publish it when you want to. You will also get a live preview feature.

4.Availability of Plugins

  There are lots of plugins available for Windows Live Writer.Some of them which i use are

a)Table Plugin – This plugin helps us to easily insert tables to our blog posts.See this demo table. :)

Image Upload borders,Watermarking and other effects
Video Upload Upload videos to youtube or use existing youtube videos
Availability of plugins choose plugins that match your needs

b) Code Plugin – This Plugin allows you to insert code into your blog posts.If you are a programmer who posts code snippets in posts,then this will surely be useful.As a demo check out the code presentation at my label cloud post

There are many more plugins available. You can check them out yourself – List Of Plugins

5.Make multiple Posts at the Same Time. – You can run multiple copies of windows live writer at the same time

6. More Options for Hyper links. – There are more options for making link.You can opt to open link in new window,add title to the link and add nofollow tags and lots more.

If you are a noob to Windows Live Writer(like me) just take a look at some of these tips - Windows Live Writer Tips

Did i miss out any nice features or plugins?? Or did i miss out any annoyances?? If i did please let me know so that i can update this post.

A very special thanks to Prasannajeet who brought me back to Windows Live Writer.I haven’t been using this for long.


  1. Are you a noob?

    2) There is an autosave feature in settings.

    4) Of course you can post without even visiting

    BTW I came from RSS (Google Reader) and on top of the page says "Welcome Googler!"

  2. @Anonymous yea i am almost a noob to windows live writer..
    thanks for notifying.. i have updated the post..
    and anyone coming from the google domain will be greeted as googler :)
    may be i should chage it.. :)

  3. @ Author (Plz Update the post)

    Autosave Features is there. Go to Tools > Options > Editing > Save Draft Every X Mins.

    Its doesn't need Windows Live Id.

    You can Upload Anywhere, like photobucket & Flickr
    Go to Weblog > Manage Weblog > Pictures > Choose the Account Type

    WLW is Amazing.. ! ESp the Image Editing Stuff.

  4. @Debajyoti Das
    i have updated the post.. yea it has auto save..
    are you sure that it by default has the option to upload to flickr..? yea there are plugins to do that..
    I was talking of the Photo Album Upload feature.Which allows you to add a photo album to your post..and the images would be uploaded to live..

    thanks for the response..

  5. i have also using it for blog is far better than blogjet and w.bloggar ..but it crashes many times..
    The image editing functions and the font options make my favourite one..

    other options i like -i can retrieve the blogposts i recently posted and edit without changing the post id ..

  6. what is the difference between tags and categories??

  7. i have to add google windows to my site

  8. i can not post to blogger via windows writter, i do not know why but my posts do not appear on blogger? do you have any ideas

  9. Utilizo Windows Live Writer y funciona de maravilla.

  10. I am getting an error that says: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

    What do I do about this?

  11. Hi,
    My Requirement is something different.I want to publish photoalbum on my own server instead of upload it on window live, i want it on my own server(ex:-
    My email id is :-
    if you find anything regarding this albumpost on my own server then please send me email.
    I am using METAWEBLOG API.
    Thanks In Advance

  12. Why when I want to upload photo and publish,it said file upload failed.Object reference not set to an instance of an object.whyyy?help me please.tq

  13. I am getting an error that says: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

    What do I do about this?

  14. Hi I need some help please. I have a blogger account and have just found writer . I am unable to post from the writer to my blog as it comes up with File Upload failed- remote server returned as error:403 Forbidden. Whatdo/can i do !!!

  15. @Debra James - try getting the latest version of WLW

  16. I am getting the same 403 error. The unique part-I can post one picture, but if I add another, I get the error. I already tried the "Create a new folder called Windows Live Writer in Picasa" fix, and that did not solve my problem. Ideas? Thanks!

  17. well I created a post with windows live writer and I wanted to publish and I get all the time, file upload failed. The remote server returned an error (403) forbidden. What the..........?Can somebody? tell me..... ( don't know why because all the things for the connections seem to be right, but I guess I missed something! Thanks!

  18. When you get the 403 error it is because you have no more room to publish pictures. In my case my picasa web album was full and I had to delete pictures for it to work.

  19. hi! I just started using wlw 2011, and the only problem I come across is that when I use photos in post, when access the photo from blog it won't open in light box, but instead it goes to picassa link, displaying the pic all by itself on a white page. here's a link to a post of mine, (sorry for the link)
    have you been experiencing the same problem? already updaded the theme, thought wlw couldn't find the light box script the first time. thanks in advance.

  20. id already deleted the Window Live Writer album in picasa web image in order to get post my picture to the blog. But still the error comes out. Anyone who can help help? im dying for it.


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