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Hello i have been working on a forum for sometime..It is powered by BBPress.. From now on if you can use the forum to share any doubts questions or anything else.. It also has some offtopic sections.. just to do blah blah blah.Maybe you could share your blogging experience with other bloggers..

Many of our readers are efficient bloggers.. I invite you all to share your knowledge and help other fellow bloggers.. If you are not an expert,still there is room for you at the forum.. There are general discussion sections in the forum..

As always i would love to get your suggestions,feedbacks,bugreports etc.. There are topics for these too at the forums.. ;)

Did you guys like the template of Blogger Forums? I am planning to change the directory and the main blog to this template.. Please give your opinions on this..

Am i missing out on something?? Did i miss out anything on the forums?? Any important topics?? Any OffTopics or anything else should be included..

I am waiting for your feedback.. Do visit the new Blogger Forum It includes SEO Friendly Signature links too..


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing!
    I certainly do have a lot of questions regarding how to use Blogger. I'm not in-the-know anymore, sadly. :( Actually thinking of closing down my Blogger account already.

  2. I need help on blog..
    So when I click on the Post in Blog Archive its taking me to a new html page with the post along with sidebar that is in the home page. Can I remove the side bar for the post links? If so how?

  3. @Maddy,
    i didn't clearly understand what you meant.. you cant contact me with more details at the Blogger Forum

  4. Hey, can I please ask you for help?? There is some mysterious problem with coments on my blog Is there somebody who could have a lot on that? Thank you for any advice!!!