How to add Pages to Blogger like in Wordpress

UPDATE - Blogger has now officially released its own version of the pages- More info

Many of you might have wanted to use pages for Blogger like in Wordpress.But unfortunately Blogger doesn't provide any thing like Wordpress Pages.But there is still something that can be done.To know what i am talking about,just have a look at my About Page .

To create a Wordpress like page in blogger,we will first create a normal post in blogger.If you don't want this post to be shown in your feed updates,change the date of the post to something very old[may be an year back.See the pic for details] . If you want to prevent users from posting comments on your pages,you can disable commenting on this particular post[see the pic for details]

Now publish your post.We will use this as a pge.You might want to hide the social bookmarking icons and such other stuff from your ‘’pseudo pages’. Actually our blogger template is full of different divisions and we style each of these divisions using CSS.Using CSS rules,it is also possible to hide some of these divisions.So what must we be doing?We need to hide some unwanted divisions on our new pseudo page.

Ok, to Do this find the </head> tag in your template.Just before this,we will add some additional CSS rules to hide those unwanted parts and divisions.We will use the b:if conditions to make the hiding affect our pseudo page only..[so that these rules don't hide these divisions on other pages]

Just before the ,insert the following
<b:if cond='data:blog.canonicalUrl == ""'>

Here i have given some list if divisions which should be hidden.If you need to hide any other divisions you can add this to the list but make sure to separate the different divisions using commas.


  1. very useful, thank you very much for share

  2. Thank you very much! This is very useful in Blogger.
    Any idea how to hide some widgets too ?

  3. @Buzzioianu
    offcourse you can do the same with widgets too..
    Read this - Selective Display of Widgets

  4. how to hide "about-me" page from the archive? I set "about-me" page to 2005, and now my archive show 2005. thanks

  5. Thank you Very much friend it was what i needed

  6. Thanks. I have wanted to create a page for my blogger blog for some time now. Thanks to I know how.

  7. Hey! This is awesome =) Question: Is there any way to hide an individual post from the homepage and archive, without hiding the rest of them? Right now I'm using two blogs... one for info pages and image galleries and the other for blog posts. It'd be really neat to just be able to use one blog for the whole thing, though. Less confusing in a google search, etc... plus it would look nicer not to skip from one site to another =) Thanks!

  8. Hi

    I managed to impliment this hack perfectly, however since I used your "Adsense Below the post title hack" I can't get rid of the adsense code on the pages.

    I noticed on your "about me" page, you prevented the adsense code from showing, I was fiddling around with the hack but I had no luck. Can you please explain how to hide the adsense code from showing up in the pages.


  9. This is just what i m looking i can have my own page for ABOUT ME & CONTACT PAGE..thank you sir Aneesh!! You are my hero,hehe

  10. Somebody help me do this!!!!

  11. Thanks for the wonderfull advice.

  12. Great answer here my search ends

  13. o comments: still appears how to I get rid of that?

  14. Hi,
    I have just one small query, i have added 2 pages to my blog namely and tutorial. Now i want to define some links while clicking on any of the pages a new link should be open.
    Please help me how to do it.

    Thank You So much
    my blogger site is

  15. dear sir!

    i am using a custom template for my blog (using custom domain)

    now i have problem i need to create about and contact pages
    when i try to use buildit pages
    it shows all my gadgets on sidebar
    and it shows thumbnails as well

    please advise hoto make contact and about me pages



  16. You make me confuse now! I actually want the page to be Page 1, 2, 3, ... like wordpress. Anyway your post is wonderful.

  17. i did as you said. Now when i go to page element, i get this message

    Error interpreting blog template

    LHS of numeric is null before 82 in data:blog.url ==

    also i dont see the post in the pages view

  18. Thank you so much. This may be my goal for adding Blogger pages.

  19. Thanks for your information, Nice Share...^^..