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Many of you might have used my social bookmarking icons.I already had made a post about social bookmarking icons including digg,stumble and others.Twitter is now growing very rapidly and many of the bloggers are widely using it to keep their readers updated about new posts.I had got many requests to include a twitter icon in the social bookmarking icon set.So i have finally added a new post to twitter button to the Social Bookmarking Icons..I also have updated my old post to include the new twitter icon.But you can follow the instructions here in this post.

How is this service different? - Most of the Add to Twitter services asks the user to login to some third party site to post the update to twitter.
My twitter button will automatically shorten your url using and will redirect you to twitter to post the new update
So you needn't login to some other sites to post your blog post update to twitter..
Here are the steps to add the Twitter Button

If you are already using my social bookmarking icons

1.Go to Blogger Layout >  Edit HTML
2.Delete the code that looks like

<!-- Social Bookmarking Icons Start>
<!-- Social Bookmarking Icons End>

3.Now add the content from this text file over there.
4.Save your template and you will get the social bookmarking icons including twitter

If you are new to my social bookmarking icons

1. Follow all the steps @ Inserting Social Bookmarking Icons for Blogger  and you will get a full set of social bookmarking icons on your blog.


  1. I added the TweetMeMe button to brutusreport.blobspot but it doesn't seem to be working right.

  2. Thanks for sharing man. I hope you won't mind me using this... :)

  3. Hey I love Your Widgets. I have a suggestion. You should really add a Facebook button. I know lots of people who use Facebook. Another great thing, would be a subscribe by RSS feed button. I'm going to subscribe to your blog right now.

  4. thanx for sharing..


  5. i want to add a twitter to my blog

  6. dont mean to sound rude but your directions absolutly could go into more detail...that code isnt even in my blog template

  7. @Chino ,
    the instructions given here are for those who already use my social bookmarking icons.. I think you are not using them.. so better check out this post

  8. Aneesh,

    Update - twitter sharing doesn't work in Chrome.
    On IE8 it works fine


  9. can i add all social bookmarking elements along with individual ones?


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