New Exclusive Directory for Blogger Powered Blogs

I have made a exclusive directory for blogger powered blogs.There are millions of blogger powered blogs on the internet.Some of them are very interesting.You might have seen some interesting blogs in bloggers "Blogs of Note"

  • Who can add their link to the directory?
  • Anyone who has a blogger powered blog can submit their site to this directory.
    The blog can either be a blogspot domain or an FTP or Custom domain blog

  • Is there any conditions which i should follow?
  • I don't impose any constraints on you.the only condition is that the blog should be powered by blogger..
    No reciprocal links needed
    But i wont approve Adult content and spammy copy paste MFA blogs..

  • What is the use of submitting to this directory?
  • By submitting to our exclusive blogger directory,you will get a free back link to your site
    This directory is a part of my blog here.So you can expect little traffic too..
    More than that it will help us in showcasing blogger blogs..

  • How can i submit to the directory?
  • Just visit
    Go to the appropriate category > subcategory and opt for the add link option.. Fill in the form. Give a detailed description about your site.Try to write something unique.. Don't fill it up with some spammy content..
    And to prevent autobots i have enable the captcha verification.So you will have to fill in the Captcah

  • Should i give a link back to the directory?
  • Link back is not at all compulsary..
    But it would be really appreciated if you can provide a link to the Blogger Directory
    It will help us in showing of these blog listings to a wider audience..
    if you like to help me in my venture,you can link to the directory using the following code.
    <a href="" title="Exclusive Blogger Directory">Blogger Directory</a>

  • Some Features of the Directory
  • It displays your blogs google page rank..
    It also allows our visitors to rat your blog and also comment about it...

    So what are you waiting for..Visit the directory and add your blog there.. If you need some category to be added do let me know.. I will add it if it is appropriate..

    Suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome..I would love to hear from you and improve the directory based on your suggestions..


    1. Hi Aneesh, I love your blog and have been following it for a while. Could you please consider adding two more categories,Art, and Travel? (I have an art blog, a crafts blog and a travel blog I would love to add to your directory..I will happily link back to you on all three blogs, as you have been a lifesaver on a few occasions!)

    2. @Susanne Iles I have added some more categories and sub-categories as you mentioned..

      thanks for the valuable suggestions.. looking for more and more suggestions to improve our blogger directory..

    3. Aneesh, great idea! I've submitted my blog and also put a link back on my page to help support your efforts. I too have been following your blog for a while and love the tips on here. You do a lot of hardwork for everyone, much respect to you for that.

    4. @Mesina thanks a lot!! thanks for submitting your blog.. I have already approved it :) and thanks for the link back..

      Waiting for more and more suggestions...

    5. @all also have a check at the comments feature at the directory!! i have left comments on some of them. :)

    6. Hi there, I submitted my blog and I will certainly link back. I submitted under Health. But a more approriate caterogy would be Beauty. Will you adding more catergories to the health section?

      Thanks, Sara:)

    7. hi....thx for ur information, nice visit here...keep this friendship

    8. i have added a new photography category ..
      i will move the sites as told... thanks all for the support..

    9. Great idea, and I will link back! My busiest blog is a food/recipe blog. Would you consider adding that category as well?

    10. Please add a "Random" or anything like that for bloggers who write for a variety of topics..... I write mainly of tech but I also write on politics and life... I had submit my blog in Computers and Internet... but I feel its not limited to that

    11. It will be better if you add a category "random" or "other" in the list because there r blog wich are written on a wide range of topics example being mine.... while I do write on Computers and Internet I have penned a few on politics and life..... I have submitted it in Computers And Internet but I fear it might be rejected.

    12. @Amanda can u suggest me a category and some subcategories?
      @Prasannajeet™ will add it now..

    13. Please add a "Random" or anything like that for bloggers who write for a variety of topics..... I write mainly of sales and marketing, personality development and so on.

    14. @Mith, there is a Category Called Others..

    15. @Aneesh I see you added Food. I don't know what to suggest for other categories, it's an animal all in itself. You could go crazy adding a billion different ones. Maybe just stick with food or recipes until someone suggests something more specific?

    16. @brwneyedgirl
      you can submit your blog directly at using the Add Site option

    17. hi Aneesh! I follow your blog since I created my blog last May ... I have submitted my blog to the blog directory ... would like to suggest a new sub-category in ARTS category ... Creative writing ....

      I would also request for a little help , if possible:

      I want to add the link back but don't know where I should put the code in the template. Could you please help me?