How to setup a FTP blog on blogger

Many of you might have heard of the blogger's ftp publishing feature. There is another feature called custom domain with blog hosted on google servers (we will discuss about this in some later post).
Blogger FTP Publishing with your domain: This lets you to publish blogger posts on your own domain(like instead of the default blogspost domain( This requires you to have a domain name and good web hosting. The blogger post pages,home page and other pages will be published as html files on your hosting account.So this requires you to buy a domain name and a hosting account.

Custom domain with hosting on google servers:This also lets you to publish posts onto your own domain name.But unlike the FTP publishing method,this doesn't require a web hosting account. You just need to buy a domain name and point the cname records to google.Google will host the files on their servers and you can just manage your blog just like any other .blogspot blogs

Before we get into the details of setting up an FTP blogger blog lets first check out its advantages.

1)Easy Site Back Up: If you use FTP publishing all of your blogger pages will be stored as html files on your server.So it will be easy to backup these files frequently.

2)Published posts will never be lost. Google bans some blogs for some reasons.If the blog is an FTP published one it can never be lost.. It can be restored from backups..

3)Everything is on your server.So you can use .htaccess rewrite rules and many other stuff.. I will soon try setting up an FTP blogger blog and let you know more about it..

The main disadvantage of the FTP blogs are
1)It can use only the blogger classic layout
2)It cant have the easy to install "Blogger widgets or gadgets"

Steps to setup a FTP Blogger Blog
1)Buy a domain from some good domain provider.I do suggest and
2)Buy a good web hosting account.I personally suggest Host Gator as it is highly reliable

If you sign up on HostGator use the coupon code GREEN to get a 25% discount.
3)Now change the nameservers of your domain name to that of your hosting account.It would be something like or so
4)Now switch your blogger blog to a Classic Template.You can do that by going to the Layout Tab
5)Now to change to Ftp publishing goto the Settings Tab and choose Publishing
6)Click on FTP (publishing on your ISP server) or SFTP (secure publishing on your ISP)

7)Now fill in your FTP details
8)Fill the FTP path as /public_html/ if you wish to install the blog on the main domain. If you want to install it to then give the path as /public_html/blog/
9)Now when you hit save Settings, you are almost done.Now you just need to opt for Republish Now to get your blog published via FTP.


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  2. help me please,
    I want to ([+/-]Show or Hide Comments) option for my blog.
    How can i add to my template?

  3. Blogger FTP Publishing...
    this nice, i like it..
    thanks for shared..
    i cant try it!

  4. So I switched from Blogger hosted to FTP. The standard template looks very complex to me. What's the best way for me to wade into it and fugure out how to customize it?

  5. @Steve Chapman i haven't worked around with the classic template.. so can't help you.. btw you can use the new xml blogger templates if you switch to custom domain without hosting

  6. hi there, I hope you are having a great day! I want to set up a classic template which is ftpd to my own site. I am trying to give it the same features as my new blogger site. (I realise this is not straightforward.) Particularly I'd like to set up an easy subscribe feature. (my blog is ). I'd be grateful for any direction or advice. Thank you!

  7. @Zephyr Bloch-Jorgensen the best way to use your own domain for blogger is to use Custom Domains Hosted with blogger...SO you can use new XML tenplates and gadgets.. while FTP doesn't allow you to do that..
    so first have a look at this..

    Then if you can't go by that method.. contact me...

  8. I understand what you have written, but my question is what is blogger FTP url. For example, for we have ftp url called and we type in username and password and straight goes to the hosting account and we can download & upload files.

    Is is possible with blogger blogs or not....


  9. @Massiah
    when you buy a hosting account for a domain,you get an ftp url.Actually your domain name or your server ip address or some url like can serve as you ftp url..

    so you can use as your ftp url
    or may be your server ip address.
    that means you should give those details which you normally give in an FTP client.

  10. @Aneesh Nice Post...Keep up the good work.

  11. Blogger dropped support for FTP:

    This script is free, and works to sync blogspot with your domain:

    (everything works the way it used to... my embedded scripts, etc.)

  12. Thanks for the information.I think it will help me,I will give a try.

  13. I didn't know that yo can use ftp for Blogger, then i will try and thank for your helpful information.

    Best Regards,

  14. Good post, very helpful indeed. Regards!


  15. Hi Steve, Great blog! Question regarding the FTP hosting: Basically what my needs are is I want to have the main site be a blogger site but I need to be able to create links that will allow visitors to download PDFs from the FTP server. Which method should I use then for this? Having my domain point to the Google servers? Or install the blog on the main domain?


  16. this is nyc post,
    but i want to ask you that if i am shofting my blog to wordpress,then i will loose my all backlinks as one of my friend suffers with the same prob .
    so is thier any other way that i can shift it without lossing any backlinks.????