Blogger Widgets

This site,Blogger Widgets mainly deals with widgets for beta blogger.

What is a Blogger Widget?

A blogger widget is some easily installable gadget for your blogger blog.A blogger widget will help you in adding additional features to your blog and also increase the blogs look and feel.

Where can i get Blogger Widgets ?

Blogger has introduced a custom API which lets programmers design new widgets for blogger.You can find a lot of Blogger widgets here on this site.

How to add a Blogger Widget to My Blog ?

Here on this site you will find a lot of one click installers.You just have to click on the One Click installation Widget.Sometimes you will be asked for some details.Just fill them out and then you can choose the title of the widget and also choose which blog you want the widget to be installed(if you have multiple blogs under the same account).Now if every thing went fine the new widget will be installed on your blog and your will be taken to the blogger layout Page.Here you can position the newly installed widget in the appropriate part of your blog page.You can do this by dragging and dropping the widgets to the appropriate position.

Most Popular Widgets

1)Recent Posts Widget- This widget displays the recent posts on your blog as a widget.The widget will show the post title,summary,date and time(you can choose what all to be displayed and how long the summary should be).

  • Install the Recent Posts Widget on your blog

  • 2)Recent Comments Widget- This widget displays the recent comments that were made on your blog as a widget.You can also customize how the comments should be displayed.

  • Install the Recent Comments Widget On your Blog

  • 3)Top Commentators Widget - This widget will display the list of the top ten commentators of your blog.The widget will display the name of the commentator as well as provide a link to his blogger profile/website

  • Install Top Commentators Widget on your blog

  • 4)Blog Translation Widget - This widget provides a widget for translating your blog into other languages.This blogger widget also comes with some good looking flag icons to represent the different languages.

  • Install Blog Translation Widget on your Blog

  • 5)Technorati Ranks Widget - This widget displays your sites technorati Rank.It also provides an option for your blog readers to favorite your blog at Technorati

  • Install Technorati Ranks Widget On your Blog

  • These are the Top 5 One Click Installable Blogger Widgets on this blog.I will try to add more popular widgets to this list as soon as possible.So you may bookmark this page for future reference.In addition to these blogger widgets, you can also use template tweaking methods or template tweaks to improve the look and feel of your blog

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