My Blog Post widget for your Blog

I have created a widget that will list my blog's recent posts on your blog.
If you are using blogger you can add this widget to your blog.
This widget will list my blog's latest 5 posts on your blog.To add this widget you can use the button below
.Thanks to Beautiful Beta for helping me in making the widgets..
Once you install this widget on your blog your blogs's sidebar will show the latest posts on my blog.
So grab the widget and get a backlink from my blog.

If you are reading this in a Feed Reader the widget installer wont be displayed.So visit the actual article on the site to install the widget.


  1. Not a bad idea bro but a two-way link wont help us!

    lets have one way link u give link to this blog i’ll give ur at my other blogs


  2. Thank you really for your help! :)

  3. @everyone..

    i wont be blogging till friday as i have exams going on..So please dont mind if you have any link exchange requests pending..

    i will be back on friday evening..

  4. I've linked your blog from a post. Thanks. :)

  5. This is the code I used.

    This doesn't seem to work. :-?

  6. Fantastic post dude.
    Its awesome.
    I have added the widget.

  7. Added your widget on

    Thanks :)

  8. thanks for all the widgets.

    i am adding this widget to my blogpage.

    Thanks again

  9. Intresting widget, Thanks

  10. I added your widget to my blog but I put it on the bottom gadget section, I hope that is ok. I am working on setting up a google site to link all my sites together and I plan on setting up a page listing all the incredible blogs that help people with blog setups etc. And I am listing your blog along with others there. If you have other sites you'd like to pass on for me to add, I'd appreciate it.
    Thanks again for everything! I appreciate all of the help your site provides!
    Peace, Light and Take Care,

  11. @Purple Dragonfly
    thanks a ton for the appreciation :)

  12. great post and brilliant mindset

  13. Thank you very much, I've added your widget to my blogger account, I hope it works like you say.

    Thanks again
    Phil T