Videos and images can help you in improving your Blog Posts. There are many methods of adding a video to your blogger post. There are millions of videos available on YouTube. If you look at the right side of every YouTube page you will see an embed code. add-video-to-blogger

Copy out this Embed  Code into you blogger post editor and paste in into your blog post. Now when you publish the post you would be able to see the video in your blog post.

If you have a video on your computer, and you need to get it into a blog post, then you can upload the video right from  your post editor. The video should be in one of the permissible formats and should be below 100 Mega Bytes in size.

If you don't prefer to upload your video via blogger, then you can upload it at YouTube Meta Cafe or some other video sharing sites and then use their video embed code within the post.

The blogger help group has made an simple and easy video tutorial about adding videos on Blogger Blogs. You will get a better idea if you take a look at their Video Tutorial. I have embedded the video into this blog post. :)

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